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Reinventing Sunday: The Book

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by Ken Medema

Consultant and Author Brad Berglund

Reinventing Worship - Brad's book of worship resources

The Revised Common Lectionary
(Brad is a member of the Consultation on Common Texts)

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Other important Information and Resources:

Spiritual Growth Resources for Pastors
FAQ's about Spiritual Formation

A Sample one-day Reinventing Sunday workshop
Spiritual Formation          

Rethinking church pews...


Brad will be leading a popular Photography as Spiritual Practice retreat in Spain in October and Mississippi in November.

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Photography retreat in Spain

Photography retreat in Mississippi


When he isn't traveling, Brad leads contemplative prayer in a Taizé style in Denver every Sunday evening at 5 pm.



Brad offers workshops around the country on Taizé music and ministry.

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Photo Diary:

Workshops in Japan

The Republic of Georgia


Pilgrimage 2013:





Contemplative Conference in Wisconsin:

Rhythms of the Spirit, August 5-9, 2013