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Workshops on Taizé-style worship


Taizé-style worship in the Denver area 

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Reinventing Sunday workshops 
Kobe, Japan

Worship included a ritual of remembrance for those who have impacted our faith journey. Colorful leaves gathered from trees near the church provided the symbols for this meaningful ritual. 


All songs and prayers projected on the screen were translated into Japanese.


Participants put "The Lord's Prayer" into their bodies


Brad's cousin Jeff Berglund translating during worship. A professor at Kyoto University, Jeff has lived in Japan for over 40 years.


Worship in the style of the Taize community.


The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.


From: John Armagost
Subject: November news and prayer

Dear Friends,

“Go into the world and be transformed by Christ,
To be nurtured into wholeness and know God’s heart,
In amazing graces of that generous faith
To be planted yourself in a growing place.” 

Those are words from one of the verses of “Go Global”, a song written by Rita and Brad Berglund.   Last weekend the Nishi Okamoto Church invited Rev. Brad Berglund to come and lead us in a workshop on ‘Worship’.  I can’t tell you what a blessing the whole weekend was.  Brad did a beautiful job of teaching us practical ways to make worship a richer experience for each of us.  What I appreciated was his sensitivity to and awareness of the Japanese culture. If you don’t know Brad, he is a gifted musician, and worship and retreat leader.

After the workshop we put some of what we were taught into practice in 3 worship services over the weekend.  In preparation for the weekend, especially these services, the members of the church passed out almost 10,000 flyers to our neighborhood. Brad led us in each of the 3 services and each was rich, moving and culturally appropriate as well as challenging us. One was a Taize style service of singing, scripture reading, prayer, and up to 10 minutes of silent meditation. 10 minutes sounds like a long time, but some of those who attended said it was the best service they have ever attended. We had 4 visitors at that service and they stayed 2 hours afterward to chat with members over tea and cookies. It fit the Japanese culture well.  In all we had 8 first time visitors, who are not Christians, at the services.  We believe the Lord has opened some new doors of opportunity for us.

Give a prayer of thanksgiving for Rev. Brad Berglund and his time with us. Pray for all those who visited us last weekend. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will continue to speak to their hearts.

Pray for the members of Nishi Okamoto Church as they seek to let the Light of Life shine in the city of Kobe .

Grace and Peace,

John and Tomoko Armagost
ABC-USA missionaries in Japan



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