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Reinventing Sunday
Breakthrough Ideas for Transforming Worship

Reinventing Sunday by Brad Berglund

·  Professional Reviews

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·  Foreword by Ken Medema

·  Chapter 6: Reading

·  Appendix D: Taizé

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Experts Praise
Reinventing Sunday

"Reinventing Sunday is the book pastors and worship leaders have been waiting for. It is rooted in the historic substance of the faith . . . follows the biblical four-fold pattern . . . and consistently provides helpful and relevant insights in a user friendly way! You will find yourself turning to it again and again for inspiration and resources."
— Robert Webber Professor of Ministry, Northern Seminary, Lombard, Illinois, author of Worship Old and New, Worship is a Verb and Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail

"If I were going to sum up what I have learned in church about worship through both negative and positive experiences, that summary would bear remarkable resemblance to this amazing book. Brad Berglund has captured what I believe is the rock bottom essence of worship; namely, that it is offering ourselves to God."
Ken Medema, composer, singer, worship leader

"Worship leaders and planners will be enriched by Reinventing Sunday, which contains numerous breakthrough ideas for transforming worship. More important, it provides a base from which leaders can mold and shape a creative path appropriate to the worship challenges of their congregation. Brad Berglund’s creative spirit permeates this book as does his life experience. "
— Jan Chartier, Ph.D., pastor and former seminary professor,
American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.

"This book is a gift! My spirit was nourished and blessed as I savored every page. Over and over again I wondered as I read if worship might not come alive in many of our own churches if pastors and worship leaders would study this book and take it to heart. Brad Berglund’s experience, wisdom and quiet passion shine forth in all he has written. If his creative suggestions alone were taken seriously, worship could be profoundly changed."
— Roger Fredrikson,
pastor, American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.

"Hear what the Spirit is saying through this one who speaks the truth about what it means to be an authentic worshiping community of believers. In Reinventing Sunday, Brad Berglund offers us the gift of himself as he shares a portion of his own liturgical journey for the benefit of all who design and implement worship. This is not a "formula for success" but rather vital and vibrant proof of the power of well planned and innovative worship to transform the life of a congregation."
—Linda Bonn,
Office of the General Secretary, American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A., author of
The Work of the Worship Committee

"This book is a passionate plea for the re-visioning of worship and a challenging reflection on its meaning. New and ancient methods are presented for leading us out of ordinary time into God's own time where God is revealed and real. Evocative and heartwarming, this pastor gives us the gift of himself in his writing."
—Sally Brower, Ph.D.,
pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, Charlotte, North Carolina

"This presentation of ideas for liturgical worship is a treasure trove of creative approaches for the age-old practice of Christian gathering. Not only the "whats" but the "whys" are spelled out. A must read for all liturgists. What a joyful place the church would be if these ideas were attempted."
— R. A. Liddell, Sister of Loretto,
director of the Thomas Merton Center, Denver, Colorado

"Re-Inventing Sunday is a wonderful book! I came away from reading it refreshed, stretched and challenged to be a more alive participant on the creative and recreative journey of authentic worship. The book is biblically grounded, theologically astute, experientially informed and practically focused. It is a treasure chest of creative ideas, stimulating images, striking metaphors, and memorable quotes. Worship leaders and worshipers who allow the author to show them the way toward transformed and transforming worship will be delightfully rewarded! I thank God for this gift to the church from the heart and mind of Brad Berglund."
— Manfred T. Brauch, professor of Biblical Theology, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Brad Berglund is the kind of worship leader a pastoral team dreams of, ministering to heart, soul, mind and strength through his gifts for music, drama, silence, and the spoken word. In this generously offered book the author makes an accessible symphony of worship ideas, tips, counsel and even sample services. Brad is a thoughtful and powerful worship leader who has always had the courage to integrate the truths learned living gloriously a painful human life. Because it is true worship, it is worship adaptable to a refreshing variety of settings. Brad's is an eminently practical work. I left it energized to plan worship in new ways, and did. "
Carol Holtz-Martin, pastor, American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.


ix      Foreword

1      The Prelude
3      Chapter 1: Understanding worship
12    Chapter 2: The Lost Art of Preparation

21    Movement One: Gathering
23    Chapter 3: Gathering and Greeting
28    Chapter 4: Praising and Singing
38    Chapter 5: Praying

45    Movement Two: Encountering
47    Chapter 6: Reading
54    Chapter 7: Preaching

61    Movement Three: Responding
63    Chapter 8: Communion
67    Chapter 9: Giving
73    Chapter 10: Baptism

77    Movement Four: Embracing
78    Chapter 11: Sending
82    Chapter 12: Benediction and Response

87    The Postlude
88    Chapter 13: The Modulating Church
95    Chapter 14: Cleaning Up: FAQ

101  Appendix A: The Gift of Liturgical Time
106  Appendix B: A Home Dedication Service
111  Appendix C: A Healing Prayer Service
116  Appendix D: Worship and Prayer
               in the style of the Taizé Community
121  Bibliography


  • Professional Reviews

  • Readers' Reviews

  • Excerpts

  • Foreword by Ken Medema

  • Chapter 6: Reading

  • Appendix D: Worship and Prayer in the Style of the Taizé Community

  • Table of Contents


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