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Taizé-style worship in the Denver area 




TaizÉ-style music and prayer workshops

As founder and director of the Taizé-style worship service at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver, Brad Berglund has become a leading spokesperson on Taizé-style ministry in the local church. Recently, in cooperation with ten area churches, Brad hosted two of the Taizé brothers for an ecumenical weekend of worship in Denver. He currently directs an association of local churches worshipping in the style of the Taizé community.

More than music, the Taizé community offers a unique ministry of reconciliation by attracting young people from all over the world to their week long "meetings." Since he has traveled to Taizé many times, his workshops on this topic include education about the community and its ministry. In addition to hands-on instruction in their music and prayer style, Brad presents an expansive view of this richly faceted ministry.

His presentations can be designed to fit the needs of your church or retreat and include slides, music and video.

To read Brad’s chapter "Worship and Prayer in the Style of the Taizé Community" from Reinventing Sunday, click here.



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