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1. Brad currently leads pilgrimage tours to Ireland, Spain and Scotland. To learn more about his upcoming journeys:


2. When he isn't traveling, Brad leads contemplative prayer in a Taize style in Denver every Sunday evening at 5 pm.


3. Brad completed the program for spiritual formation at the Shalem Institute in Washington D.C.


4. Twelve of Brad’s photographic images are featured on a series of greeting cards. To view these images and purchase cards:

note cards

5. Judson Press publisher for Brad's books, Reinventing Sunday and Reinventing Worship. They have other good resources for spiritual growth.


6. Brad plays a beautiful hand-made guitar built by Mike Boggess of Denver, CO.


7. The Taizé community has a helpful web page for anyone interested in learning more about their ministry and their prayer form.


8. Websites for some "emerging" churches in Denver:

The Journey, Westminster - www.thejourneychurch.org

The Next Level Church, Englewood - www.tnl.org

Pathways, Denver - www.pathwayschurch.org

Scum of the Earth Church, Denver - www.scumoftheearth.net


Other "Emerging" websites:

www.theooze.com   (Resources and conversations for the “emerging church”)

www.houseofmercy.org    (A unique church. Their vision: “To build a church through the recovery of grace-based theology, the practice of liturgical eclecticism, and active service in the world.”

www.emergentvillage.com  (A website filled with information, articles and resources for and about the “emergent” church.)

www.smallfire.org  (resources for alternative worship)


9. Other helpful websites related to contemporary worship issues:

www.ancientfutureworship.com    (Features the work of Dr. Robert Webber)

www.arttoheartweb.com/worship_resouces.htm   (Encounters with the world’s great art)

www.aworshipleader.com    (Sample orders of service & articles about worship)

www.creativeworship.com   (A website for worship leaders)

www.freepraiseandworship.org    (A collection of worship music)

www.heartofworship.com   (An online resource for lead-worshipers everywhere)

www.Holylandphotos.org    (Free high-res images of the Holy Land)

www.mediashout.com   (An expanded type of power-point, designed for worship)

www.praisecharts.com  (Pay per order...download worship song charts)

www.sharesong.org   (Download worship songs...lyrics and charts)

www.songdiscovery.com   (Subscription service for new worship songs)

www.lumicon.org  (Images in worship)

www.worshipmusic.com   (Comprehensive site to purchase the “latest” worship music)

www.worshipleadingchoir.com   (The choir as worship leaders)

www.worshiptogether.com     (Worship resources for a new generation)

www.io.com/~kellywp    (An Episcopal Lectionary page with calendars and texts)

www.freshministry.org  (Current events/illustrations)                         

www.preachingplus.com (Group Publications/preaching)

www.ccli.com  Copyright license for your church. Check out "songselect" for the ability to download leadsheets.

www.onelicense.net  Copyright license for your church. Includes Taize, Iona, the Hymn Society, Oxford, etc.



10. Denominational Worship resources:

United Methodist

United Methodist - African American

United Church of Christ

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Reformed Church in America

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Evangelical Covenant Church

United Church of Canada

The Episcopal Church USA

Disciples of Christ

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

"Reformed Worship"


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Toll free: 877.489.8500   •   Phone: 720.489.8073

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