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Readers' Reviews
of Reinventing Sunday:
Breakthrough Ideas for Transforming Worship
by Brad Berglund
© 2001, Judson Press

Glorious Creativity

"Brad Berglund has written an extraordinary book. A man for whom creativity is obviously a part of his soul, he shares ideas that make worship come alive in the local church setting. A man whose stories prove he has searched his own soul, he places his ideas in the context of profound human experience — sorrowful, tragic and humorous.

"The book brings focus and meaning to worship. Berglund has obviously reflected deeply on the nature of worship and gently guides the reader into his deep understanding of his topic. He opens doors of whose existence most people are unaware, and then he makes walking through them as safe and comfortable as coming home.

"Obviously, this man loves worship and loves people. Every page glows with enthusiasm for life and for his topic. His book, both simple and direct, is a joy to read because of its compactness, clarity and ready applicability.

"Drawing from a wide variety of traditions, he covers every aspect of worship. He shares more ideas than any church could apply in several years. The fun is in choosing which ideas serve your congregation best. An added benefit is the listing of other resources that he names throughout the text.

"This is a book first to read and then to reference again and again."

Theodorre Donson, co-author of Discover Your Soul Potential, My Best Self, and What's My Type?

"Reinventing Sunday" is a home run! Brad makes worship renewal clear. I resonate with his heart about worship; it is a passion of mine for the church. So many people are missing so much. I am ordering 12 books so I can hand them out to pastor friends who are open to the leading of the Spirit about worship. When I read Ken Medema's foreword and the other recommendations, my heart was immediately warmed. Thanks to Brad for his obedience to the Lord to write the book and to have a heart for worship before the Lord. Our prayers are with him.

Rev. Alden Dick, American Baptist Churches

"Brad Berglund is to be heartily congratulated for his wonderful book. Much of what he covers is new and reminds me how important it is that we keep growing. Brad has used his opportunities to move ahead and has not for a minute stood still. His sharing about Taize-style worship alone is so helpful. I read his words and know he has been there. Brad gives me an understanding that I have not had before.

"I look forward to trying some of his multiple ideas. I say 'multiple' because sometimes I feel exhausted with his lists, wondering how one would ever do all he suggests. But I think that is a poor assumption on my part, realizing that he gives ideas to choose from, not to be bound by as though all of them have to be done by anyone. He has included a great wealth of ideas reflecting both his experience, education, and personal creativity — the latter being so very wonderful. He has written a marvelous and creative book that honors God."

Dr. Eugene Wright, American Baptist Churches

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