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Brad's new book, was released in JUNE, 2006

To read an excerpt called 
"Something Eternal is Happening"
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Over 30 contributors

Comes with a CD of all resources 
plus 75 images for worship

Reinventing Worship
Prayers, readings, special services and more

Looking to create a life-changing 
experience? Don't re-do it, reinvent it. 
Here's how. From the writer of the Judson Press popular book, Reinventing Sunday comes a contemporary resource written expressly for those who design and lead worship services. Offered are 
a host of ideas and perspectives on preparing and experiencing worship. From help on designing a worship team to a CD of litanies, prayers, and resources for weddings and funerals, this book 
offers a wealth of materials that awaken the worship experience. Highly sought-after worship leader Brad Berglund begins by defining what it means to be a worship leader, and takes readers through the three-fold movement of weekly worship. Along the way, he offers guidance on how the worship leader should prepare, and recommends resources to help the leader prepare the congregation. In discussing the worship experience, Berglund offers selections from sacred Scriptures taken from contemporary Bible translations. Categories include praise, thanksgiving, confession, forgiveness, marriage, benediction, salvation, discipleship and more. A section of prayers, litanies, blessings, and benedictions for worship are provided from a wide variety of worship leaders. These resources have a "post-modern" feel and reflect the authentic life struggles and global orientation of those ministering and worshipping in our contemporary world. Revitalize your church by reinventing your worship.  

ISBN: 0-8170-1493-4  Price: $14.00

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Valley Forge, PA 19482


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